Sunday, May 16, 2010

Patient, its not far away

O my God the lyrics of this version is amazing!!!!!!!! David Guetta, Will I AM and Knaan!!!!!!! this one talks about people struggling in the world.

Waving your flag is amazing, both versions, happy one with David Bisbal and then this inspirational one

" accept no defeat"
out of the darkness
learn from the streets

fighting to eat
wondering when will be free

learn from the streets
patient be wait
its not far away
for that thankful day
but for now i say

no education
no compensation


I think this is a gorgeous song , the lyrics are beautiful , about unity and celebration, all the world together and thanks to the world cup !

"Give me freedom
give me fire

los paises como hermanos
canta y une tu voz

todos juntos a ganar

somos un pueblo

Wave your flag
campeones o vencidos pero UNIDOS a intentarlo!

singing forever young "