Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

The brutality of an alternate reality where the daily schedule is the sturggle to survive, this film opens our hearts and minds. It's harsh but its real , people in India do live like that and not to get us that far also in Mexico City where there is kids that grow up in the trash pits and also in the sewers and have been born to 13 year olds and live an alternate reality in order to survive. There is a big problem in the world  , in Mexico* watch Amores Perros , Men on Fire  , in Brasil * watch city of god , the funny thing is that in order for first economies to survive there is a need for the others to live that way * cheap labor??? but no one says that !  no one barely knows that our  everyday goods come from those hands!   I am not an expert in economy but I certainly know that this is a  flowed system where there is too much inequality and  to get into another subject.... everyone in first world countries feel lonely while they have everything and in the poor areas they  feel together without anything but there is a feeling of humanity of brothers.....

 Also the humanity is not bad , how cool that the film won so many oscars thus giving awareness to the cause to another reality , to the Mumbai slums , to the  need of financial support and nevertheless to dreams come reality where two kids from the slums became famous because of the slums. People still like and want to watch these types of movies , a movie with everything, a love story ,action, comedy , intrigue, money etc