Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I dont know who is it by , I just love it and think its trully pop since everyone in mags seems to be carryinga chihuaha and then it has the silve shiny  finished and its just an amzing piece I took the picture on St.GermainParis

Can Jeff Koons resemble a clown at the street , both colorful both with an effect on us 

Philippe Starck as I consider one of the best most orginal designers of our times. Do you remember seeing this or the copy of this chandelier in almost every trendy store restaurant?? well its Starck. 
The other is the picture of the SLS hotel in LA W which I recommend visiting  if you want to be inmmersed in Starck world

Today was ash wednesday , nice to see the church full and a lot of people grouped together to remember faith and what really matters , we came from dust and will return to dust that is what the priest said... So I guess we have to learn toput our egos down and put them to burry because most of our problems come from ego 

Jeff Koons

Add ImageAdd Imagewow ! what is art? a relfection of our times hope you like it . This is Jeff Koons the amazing original artist of our times. Big pieces that literally reflect our times and make us happy .
"Art is the ultimate luxury good" one of these is above 10 million , this is the demonstration of the search for the best .
Look at the wrapped heart! it is a very positive explanation of our times , there is heart but its wrapped up stillnot open but wrapped up i a very nice shiny cover.